attn: treehuggers

This might be the worlds biggest pinecone. I included a pen to scale.

and this is where it came from. right off the 2 freeway!


intruders in the back yard

There is some kind of Coyote/Loon/Hyena/Beast living in the park behind my house. It yelps and/or howls loudly late at night. I mean, REALLY loudly.
Unrelated, this is funny. Watch it if you like laughing. :


I don't know what you heard about me...

Dave and I had a really good idea for a cooking show. It's called "All up in my grill" and it's about a chef who freestyle raps while grilling delicious meals. This is odd, because it isn't the first time I have had a brilliant idea for a cooking show. Just ask Timmy. "C-O-O-K-I-N-G", the cajun cooking show. Where we use a lot of "limon". I truly can't believe i'm not a millionaire yet.


blue oyster quilt

So making a quilt is not only difficult and mondo time consuming, but as it turns out you can easily just purchase a MUCH BETTER looking and bigger one at like target or something. But if I were a pioneer woman or homeless, at least I'd be warm. Don't judge a quilt by its cover.
I also made this weird thingy that serves no purpose whatsoever and took a really long time. It's like a quilt for a babydoll or a placemat something else small and useless. Maybe someday I will find a use for it. That or learn how to make something useful.


Come to where the flava is.

Never $old $tuff on ebay? Well, WELCOME TO THE LAND OF FREE MONEY.
A wise guy once said- one man's trash is another man's treasure. And that guy probably sold a lot of crap on ebay.

Walk a mile in my shoes

I like to pretend i'm on permanent vacation a la jimmy buffet or a pirate or someone else fabulously wealthy. the secret is flip flops and gold.


The Moon, overexposed

Earth's natural satellite has a name, it's name is Moon

cookie doe

i have a problem, and that problem is ben and jerry's half baked ice cream. also i am making a renagade quilt. that means its just a bunch of fabric scraps sewn together. no rhyme or reason.