ritual sacrifice or witchcraft

One of the main houses I grew up in- on Woodbine Avenue. Raking those leaves was always a treat. No, your eyes are not deceiving you- It's rather small.
The "Y Woods"!
Some creative local graffiti
I used to think some kind of ritual sacrifice or witchcraft probably took place on those boulders...

Takin it Back to the Old School

Carver Center for Arts and Technology magnet high school.

The old lacrosse field. Many a spring day was spent here.

I think this wall was inadvertently built to conceal pot smoke. I remember getting busted with a bunch of other people smoking behind that very wall, and someone using the excuse that it was Earth Day- which actually worked!
That's right- established in 1993. The year I started as a 13 year old freshman. The building is much older, it used to house some other school. Being the first year to ever go there was immensely peculiar. I can recall very little about 1993, but at the same time I remember every little detail down to the underwear I wore at the time.
I spent a lot of time waiting for rides on those steps.


a turkey for you and a turkey for me

my dad carving the turkey. it's a dad thing to do.
My brother and I discussed raking, and how it doesn't happen in the city.
2 out of 3 Hoeckel crashers at the "kids table"
Food coma.
And then there was thanksgiving-eve. apparently called "black wednesday" in some circles.
I made two pumpkin pies and then went out for the unofficial high-school reunion partying. I was too involved in the catching up process and forgot to take pictures. But I did get to hang with Jaime and Paige at the Towson people's party, then over to club charles for the Carver people's party.

This is chartreuse, not the color, but another discovery of the Fine Moonshine variety. Kinda nasty.




I just remembered, the other night at a bar, this guy was like "scuse me- is your name Beth?" and I was like yeah why? and he goes "Are you Beth From Above... from Youtube?" Whoa. That was funny.


a walk through the fiery rainbow

Southern sympathizers.
How enticing does this trail look?? It was like a cave of beautiful colors. Trees really are the greatest living things.
This looks like a Bob Ross painting. But it's not, it's the real life artwork of Mother Nature.
all that's missing here is a rope swing, perhaps a canoe.

Alexander McQueen Latifa

And this one, I drew it too.

If you are as much of a fashionista as you think you are, you may recognize the subject matter.

Olivia Newton John Cougar Mellencamp

Here are some of my very own fashion illustrations

Black satin sashes on starry nights.
A midnight blue shift. Collar adornment is quite popular right now.


Clive Owen Wilson Phillips

SEND ME 3 PICTURES OF YOU OR YOUR BAND AND I WILL DRAW YOU FOR AS LITTLE AS ZERO DOLLARS! Or $50, $75, or $100, depending on how long it takes me, clarity of picture, number of band members, detail, and other factors that I might feel like considering. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! No returns.

The Bermuda Triangle

Tim and Will are going to Europe today. To Spain and France.
Ultimate Pizza Fighting
PT Losers
Apple Cranberry Pie
Why should it have to make sense


leaves are fallin all around

Today is my last day as a 27 year old! Weird.
Can't get enough of them there trees
28 seems like a good age to be. I am expecting more respect than I have ever gotten before- that's one perk. And I still have 2 whole years til I'm 30!
It doesn't seem like it would be, but 50 degrees is COLD. In case you LA people forgot. I know I did.
The other day someone thought that I was 23. I really don't know if I should take that as a compliment or an insult...
Tomorrow, I'll let you know how it feels to be 28 yearz olde. I miss my California friends so much! But I don't miss that coo-coo-head state one bit.


make a wish

psychadelic leaf

Last night I made a wish when I blew out my birthday candle. I hope that it comes true.

Also last night was Dan Deacon show in Baltimore. dude. Baltimore is fuckin crazy-go-nuts.
No offense to the lovely ladies of b-more, but girls, you have some fashion catching-up to do. These B-more dudes have got some insane style. I mean they really know how to put together an ensemble. Impressive.
It's a shame I was probably one of the oldest people there, mostly college kids is my guess, but holy crap. College kids these days really know how to party. It was INSANE! My only serious regret besides contributing to the mega second hand smoke, is that I FORGOT MY CAMERA! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. BEST PHOTO-OP'S EVER- WASTED!
I even wore a very sparkly shirt, and I brought my little brother, who totally doesn't go to shows in seedy warehouses. And even he had a good time! We were even drinking 40's of Natty Boh, and yet, NO CAMERA.
There was crowd surfing, people hanging from the rafters, it was just like Eddie Vedder in the evenflow video, only funny instead of serious. I have no way to share this with you, and for that I am truly sorry.
between bands the dj played every song that dj's in LA think they are too cool to play, and get mad when you request them, all in one ginormous song. I dare say Baltimore is more fun than many of my debaucherous nights in NYC and LA. Because no one is pretentious. Ok, well they are, but in a different way. It's like they are entitled to it a little bit, because they actually are cool- instead of just trying to be.



It is getting so COLD
and winds of change are a-blowin' those leaves right off their trees!

In 4 days it will be my BIRTHDAY
Is 28 too old to expect lots and lots of presents?

It's said that Wednesday's child is full of woe.
I was born on Wednesday, and this year my birthday is on Wednesday...

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Le scrap-book

more from the pages of the random fashion-inspiration go-to booklet
you can see that I love scissors and glue sticks
try it if you're bored- going through all those old magazines. flea markets and some thrift stores are a good place to find really old fashion mags. Mixing old and new
it's easy to get carried away