Found someone to rent my room!
Went skiing!
Obsessed over F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories!
Filed medical records!
Modeled for a drawing class!
Scraped ice off my car!
Sheesh, I don't know.
Ready for Spring to come back!


Babysitters Club Sandwiches

So I haven't had a drop of alcohol since new years eve (whence I only had 3 sips of champagne). It's kinda dumb, because it's not a permanent thing, more like a challenge, and yes I plan on hittin the bottle again come February 1st.
Dan and I were already planning on what we were going to drink during the superbowl (he's on the wagon too), beer is the natural choice, but since I don't care about either of the teams (but am routing for the eagles anyway) I want to make it a little more interesting. Let's face it- Baltimore winter is kinda boring.

Mainly, I just think this polling thing is cool and I'm copying off of Betsy.


Piles of Files

What happens when you are an artist (me) / actor (justin) / musician (walker) and you need money?
You get a temp job filing medical records at a hospital.


Three Day Weekends

So here we are in January double oh nine. It's 11 degrees outside, which for Baltimore is quite uncommon. This is my Month Off The Sauce- no drinking in January. It's not like it's hard, but it is kind of frustrating if you want to have any kind of social life. The weirdest thing about it is that I remember all my crazy ass dreams now, more vividly than I can recall in the past, and have flashbacks from them throughout the day. Hmm.
I also realized that this is the longest I have gone without drinking any kind of alcohol (no glass of wine at dinner, no happy hour, nothing) in approximately 10 years. A decade of boozing. I think my body is happy.


Pageant of Delightful Artifacts

Treasure Trove Disaster/Recreation Area
(or: a glimpse of some of the crap inside my (favorite) bedroom)
St Paul Street



Inside my 4 year old nephew's preschool.
I think my calling might be to teach drawing and art history to babies.