honey hot sauce

Number one top farm: Island farm!

Coo Coo for coconuts!

Heirloom a plenty!

Delicious guava jelly!!

Everything here is really good- if you are in Eleuthera you should totals be shopping there. And the salad dressing they make is amazing too (not pictured)

Oh dude, totals

Facing South:

To the right of the road you have the Caribbean Ocean...

And there to the left is the Atlantic Ocean.

And in the middle, under the bridge, they meet!

(The moon was full that day and the tides were screwy, so they didn't quite meet at time of photo)


Guava, Coconut, Saltwater, etc

A random variety of pictures from last week.

my clothes still smell like coconut... sigh...

Dunmore Town

Harbour Island is a small island at the North end of Eleuthera (part of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas). It takes 5 minutes to get there by boat plus about an hour by car from Governor's Harbor. It is a pretty luxe place (aka expensive) boasting 5 star hotels and restaurants and boutiques with the most bestest jewelry and clothes. I have to say that it's probably good that it is so pricey because that keeps it very un-crowded. The beaches literaly have pink sand which is the consistency of baby powder. The water is ridiculously clear and turquoise. There are lots of pretty flowers and old islandy-colored houses.

Maybe oneday I will be able to stay at Pink Sands which is the most uniquely pretty island resort. I mean, its one of the best in the world I think.


Early tomorrow I will be off to the Islands. I will be back in a week or so.
Til next time


Obama clips.

My camera only takes 1 minute of video at a time. So here are 2 minutes of Senator Obama speaking to the 13,000 people at the Baltimore Arena yesterday.

Shout out to Chesapeake Bay in this one
Shout out to Chi-town in this one

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So Good Photos! See Them!


Obama in Baltimore

It's FREE. You can RSVP by clicking on the heading above.


Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama
1st Mariner Arena
201 West Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 21201

Monday, February 11
Doors Open: 2:45 p.m.
For security reasons, do not bring bags. No signs or banners permitted. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!


national bohemian.

Groundhog's day party (for architechture's sake) at the Natti Boh building.

As you can see, black tie was optional, but the "theme" was black and white.
The oyster shucker.
If this is the exit, we are all screwed.