board walk

I have been going to Ocean City for about 28 years. I am continually amazed that barely anything has changed.

-Marty's Play Land
-M.R. Ducks
-Candy Kitchen
-Old Pro Golf
-Jolly Roger
-That crazy ass haunted house
-The Ocean Gallery
-The Tidal Wave
-Hermit Crabs
-Trimper's rides

All still there, and thriving I might add. Brilliant.

It might be a race, best thing i can do is run


got no time to pack my bag, my foot's outside the door.

inside a cloud, somehow still got more freckles.
Atlantic Ocean, Ocean city, Maryland


when we meet on a cloud I'll be laughing out loud

S U R P R I S E !

Golden birthday


Fake hat

Fake tattoo


a good night, good night.


no one serves coffee, no one wakes up

chicago meets baltimore rock show: joan of arc and ponytail at floristree
blast from the past blasts to the future


endless life of rock n roll

This is Alexis's building on St Marks, where she lives. Look familiar??

(Apparently the 4th floor was removed in the picture on the album so that it could fit on the album cover.)


midsummer night stream

4th of July:
White tea / Gardenia / Vanilla

5th of July:
China Musk / Pikaki / Amber

Our Summer:
slow lightning bugs
heavy crescent moons
one black stitch
surrounded by ghosts
heirloom gold / blonde hair
gripping / sweaty arms
tree-covered trees
pile of sticks and bones
untied bikinis
baby foxes / screech owls
cliff dwellers
swimming venues
red wine / mosquito bites
statue of moss
stream of wax
porch hopping

"but for now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see"


Down the Shore.

Ocean City Boardwalk

I rode on this merry-go-round when I was a baby



"Check out Beth's blog, you might see pictures of your shoes or your cat."