So You Think You Got Served

Floristree Merry Christmas Party 08.
Super Awesome Luscious Succulent Delightful Festivity.
Well Done Great Job Good Times Thank You.


Shoe Night In Balti More

::: feet night ::: baltimore round robin ::: sonar :::

Susie lost her shoe when she and I got swept away in a wave of wasted ragers. I was looking for it (with the handy flashlight on my google phone™) and some guy was like "may i ask what you are looking for?" I told him my friend's shoe, and he handed me a shoe he found on the ground. It was totally not hers. Someone else had lost their shoe, too. Tommy found Susie's later in a trash can. Then someone got on the mic and made an announcement about some guy losing their shoe. Also, Thank You played at one point with a shoe on top of the mic stand. And in reviewing my pictures I came across one of a dude holding up a flip flop.

That pretty much sums up the night. Aptly named, wham city.


Aubergine Dreams

All pictures taken during last week's mini-tour with Beach House.


Red Checks / Red Cheeks
Lilac Knit Hat
A Week Of Endless Free Drinks
Aubergine Jeans
Necklace Daniel Bought Me In Denmark
White Russians
Heated Pools And Sleet
Shooting Games / Polaroids


Make Out Like A Bandit

The book sale at the Enoch Pratt library on Cathedral Street was splendid and delightful. I went all three days and made out like a bandit. The most expensive books were 50 CENTS, and yesterday was all-you-can-fit-in-a-box for 1 DOLLAR! Endless reading and collage material. So happy. Actually this whole weekend was exceptional and also included keggers, ravens winning, daniel being home, record shopping, cat face pictures, and snow, among many other things...


Parents Weekend (at Bernies)

Friend Ship

There was a little hiatus.
But I am back now.
So much stuff happened, not sure where to begin...
Mostly right now I miss my boyfriend, and taught myself how to make friendship bracelets, and just finished the final season of the Wire.

Now I am going to start over.