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laughing all the way to the bank

not sick anymore! but now everyone else is : (
dance party at the bank last night. i had never previously been that far into west baltimore. it seems like it would be pretty easy to buy some heroin, 40's, and fried chicken in that part of town, and not much else.

Some neighborhood locals showed up towards the end, including a guy who looked exactly like Prop Joe.


lighting strikes

i have a cold that i have been battling for the past 5 days and today I am sad to report that the cold won. jerk! Now i feel like I'm living under 12 feet of water.

it probably doesn't help that in the past 5 days I have had nothing but good times party times. Susie going away party, PPP party, I can't believe she already left me! We just became buds not a month ago, now she's in San Fran doing the genius-doctor thing.

This is a girl who regularly gets awarded awards for getting awarded lots of awards.

And this is her head shot. Thanks to Justin for providing the backdrop.

The full-house fest show at Floristree on Sunday was fun and awesome. Baltimore is filled with such wonderful, wonderful weirdos and they really came from miles around for this one. One of my friends brought his Cluster records for the band to sign, so cute.
I think all shows (and parties for that matter) should start at 4pm, being home in bed by midnight is a great feeling!


night picnic

Girl: "this is the best day of my life"

Boy: "i love when you say that."

(still life with empty weed bag #1)

we love each other, we are all happy here

my friend gave me an ipod!



yesterday started out cold and blustery but cleared up beautifully just in time for me to make it to the art museum 10 minutes before it closed. Art museum employees don't appreciate that very much!
The BMA is free, for every one, all the time, if you didn't already know that.


Senior Week '08 II: The Next Day

senior week '08

katherine's birthday party: a jolly night of lightheartedness, joviality, beer-bongs, fights, vomit, and cops

Baltimore: Where the Girls Drink as Much Beer as the Boys.