The twenty-eighth day of my twenty-eighth October

What We Love This Week:

Cold Wind
Spicy Roses
Dead Leaves
Black Lined Eyes
All-Black Animals
Bleached Black
The Ravens
Black Pepper and Honey
Shiny Hair
Cat Singers
Wood Stoves / Chocolate Chips
Each Other

"Why do little kids talk to themselves?" "Because they don't know that people judge them"


That make the world go round

Last Saturday-
Things were getting a little crazy by the 2nd show of the night, the one that started at 12:30 am.

Bangover (b-more takeover)

'Feet night' in NYC- The last night of the Baltimore round robin tour.
My neck still hurts from headbanging.
I haven't seen this much crowd surfing since, like, the HFStival in like 93. Seriously, How fun was this night?? SO


Eyes Night.

Some High Lights From Baltimore Round Robin In Philadelphia on Wednesday, October The Fifteenth.

Victoria and Dan (beach house (sorry alex)).

5 minute dance party (someone's birthday, thanks mark brown).

Katherine dancing (lexie mt girl)

Insanely awesome drummers drumming (teeth mountain x 5)

The Love.

Ground Goblin.



Are you guys in your cities even SEEING this??


only 5 shows left!


Fingers Crossed

It's Monday, and I feel lucky.
I think something good is going to happen today.


This is good.

The photos on here are good-looks.



here we are

This is my sister Claire

The necessities of a photoshoot

Through the looking glass

Pictures of sunsets are never very interesting but we insist on documenting them anyway.

Nite time bonfire. My jeans still smell like smoke.

Yesterday was the 1st official photoshoot for M Troy. That is my mom's clothing line. It was a success! It is amazing how much she works, what with a full time job AND a line of clothing for which she hand-made all the samples. Lovely coats and jackets I might add.

Tonight I am having an art opening in Baltimore. Its at jordan faye contemporary in clipper mill. If you are here, check it out- all new stuff from me and 2 other women.

when do we set our clocks back?


blue state

Today in October:
lambswool irish sweater
cold fingers
coffee doesnt stay hot long enough
help someone help yourself
potato chips
to the mailbox
Later: to the sauna!

28 days til election day
31 days til my 29 birthday


The dead of night

Sassy Martian.

I hope someone googles "sassy martian" and comes up with this blog. On stat counter, I can see what keywords were searched to land on this blog, and there have been some funny ones. Such as "My dog ate my flip flop and now she is throwing up"; or "Sky blue snowball flavoring"; or questions, like "Where the flip is the Bermuda triangle?" and "What does Dan want to do tonight?"

any way,