annual meeting of the bff committee

i went to new york this weekend to see BETSY in from the west! Lucky me in 24 hours I also got to see Alexis, Rudy, Kevin, and Paige!

I am happy to report that the MVP bus is only 35 dollars round trip as opposed to amtrack which is $140, and driving, which is retarded. I forsee many weekend trips this summer.


Technology is boring.

Here are some things that make/made me happy this week.

-Pizza bagels!
-Season 4 of the wire!
-Two for Tuesdays!
-Going to NYC this weekend!
-'Duffel bag boy' by Lil Wayne even though it's old now!
-100.7 The Bay!
-White flowers on all the dogwood trees!
-'Aka Egyptian Tile' scarf and 'Love Quotes' scarves!


who are barnum & bailey?

Today I realized that I haven't celebrated Easter in ten years. I haven't been home for it. Home, meaning Baltimore.
I went to the circus with my mom, sister and nephew. Greatest show on earth is a stretch, but it's always pretty sweet to see some tigers. You really don't get the chance that often. Contortionists freak me out. I could do with out them. Clowns, too. I was never scared of them like most kids seem to be, I was just like "whatever". Black horses on the other hand, they are beautiful. OH. AND. 3 zebras escaped!

"BALTIMORE (AP) - Three zebras from Ringling Bros. and Barnum &
Bailey Circus briefly escaped from their downtown venue on Thursday
but were quickly corralled by their trainer and two handlers.
The zebras - Mali, Giza and Lima - spotted an open door at the
1st Mariner Arena and dashed into traffic on Hopkins Place, but
were rounded up half a block away.
Carrie Coleman, a veterinary technician for the circus, told The
(Baltimore) Sun it was a frightening incident because the animals
were in traffic lanes before returning to the sidewalk.
"They may have thought they were headed home," she said,
adding that the zebras were not hurt."

Those zebras want out, son.


charm city is called charm city for a reason.

another st patricks day! no celebrations for me this year, but there are certainly a lot of irish folk in this town.
in other news, i moved- i live in charles village now, in baltimore. i like it, i think, i have been in my new apartment exactly 2 days. i think in spring my street will be extra pretty, there are lot's of trees. i can walk to the art museum too.
most apartments in baltimore are in old row houses or old buildings in general- everything here is old. it is sometimes inconvenient (think drafty windows, no laundry) but just the kind of charm i look for in an apartment (fireplaces, hardwood floors, high ceilings). it's a trade off. unless you want to pay the big bucks and get the best of both worlds. baltimore is surprisingly expensive these days, everyone's been telling me this has recently been happening all over the city, over the past couple years. guess they figured out lots of people seek that old world charm.

here's a random picture from the maryland historical society website. there are so many good ones, it's inspirational.


DC traffic rivals LA traffic...

...but in the end, LA WINS for worst ever!

ps- I'm moving this weekend

For the 90 millionth time in my life



black rabbit jack rabbit

have you ever seen an all black bunny rabbit?

If it hopped accross your path, would it be bad luck? but rabbits feet are supposed to be good luck!

B'lieve hon

This storm swept through and took all the electricity in downtown Baltimore with it.

Then when you least expect it, mother nature unleashes her magic.

i wanna know where the gold at.


Winter Knights

jurassic park the play was sold out.

Nat-Dog was in town. John Waters was at the bar. Times.


lil gizmo

Off-the-charts cuteness attack! This is one of 7 or 8 baby pugs that live at natalie's grandmothers house.