the past is still the past

Spring is real now! i love my neighborhood so much.

-Playing drums in the kitchen at Walker and Tommy's house
-Woodburning stoves
-The robin that just landed on my porch
-Susie for making eggplant parmesean at 5am


"People want Sugar"

I cut about 8 inches of hair off my head.
i feel much more free. And sassy.

Tonight, I ate from a lamb -
With sweet and saucy pumpkin


just another day in the life of the god damn choss

Baltimore was named best scene in the universe by rolling stone magazine?

"Hello, this is a drunk ocelot at the zoo"

NOOOOOO Bodie!!!!


you got a lot to learn, dog

Liz and I have the same name, the same age, almost the same birthday, and for now the same house.


"How that dead man danced!"

Remember those "Scary Stories" books from the 80's? It's a bunch of old folk ledgends and witch tales from the Kentucky mountains and the British Isles and stuff. Yeah well remember how the pictures in those books are awesome? Google wasn't offering much in the way of Illustrations by Stephen Gammell, so I scanned a few of my favorites.

But it didn't seem like a dream

since it appears i like making lists, here it goes.


-St Paul Street
-b.e. Golden Amber perfume
-Loeffler Randall (not for target) fake-snake shoes
-New friends
-Baltimore, Maryland
-My Dad for giving me a book shelf
-My brother for helping me move it
-Just the idea of Sweet potato fries


passion fruit

what a week.

it seems that this time of year cherry blossoms make people a bit mad.

Oh, and I just realized there is finally 1 thing (besides my friends) that I miss about LA : Zankou Chicken.


simple, pleasures

Things that make/made me happy this week.

-Sixty Degrees
-The Boredoms show in DC
-Tommy for driving my car home
-Bare shoulders
-Inner city kids with lacrosse sticks
-Hunter rain boots
-600 thread count sheets
-The abundance of magnolia trees