Save the tomatoes

I am far from vegetarian, but haven't you noticed it is hard to find good tomatoes these days? It's becuase most of them are fake-ass clone tomatoes. The difference between real live garden tomatoes and regular grocery store ones is remarkable. I'm all about organic farming. And tzatziki! YUM



So I got home from work and Dave had this little pilot doll about the size of a Skipper™ doll and when i asked where it came from he was all "oh, a helicopter crashed in our back yard." Like, NBD. I was like "uh huh, real interesting." like not really paying attention. He was all "go out and look at it", and I was like Ok, some other time- whatEVERR. Cut to 3 days later, I was out on my porch half-looking for this G.I. Joe™ sized army colored helicopter and didn't see shit. When Dave pointed it out to me I was all OH. MY. GOD. HOLYYY CRAP! How I managed to NOT SEE it is ridiculous. It is like 15 times bigger than I thought. It's an actual flying motorized mini chopper, that actually crashed into a tree in my yard. This is the best thing that has happened all week.

Dave "rescued" the driver, thank god.


in those hollywood hills.

Here are some pictures of the volcano- i mean fire in griffith park.
i was reeeeally hoping to see that hollywood sign up in flames, but you can't win every time.

But a girl can dream...


humble abode

This is the window in my living room. Who cares you say? After living in NYC in a tiny box with no windows at all, or heat or air conditioner, and you had to walk through the bathroom and a closet to get to my bedroom, and I had 3 roomates, and it was the same price as where I live now... I would say that window is pretty major.
There's the Hollywood sign, as viewed from another window. So close... yet so far away.