W T Fuck
BFF Forever
Good Heavens
Heavens to Betsy came to visit!!


nine to ten years ago

I love to make lists of nothing and apparently I always have.

from February 2000

-I faked a paper cut
-I stole 3 but I bought one
-Nobody knew what I was talking about a lot of times
-So we're even
-The auditorium is always red
-How do you become shy?
-Counting pennies by sevens
-Everything at all
-I wouldn't miss the day
-Cherry vanilla was on my lips
-The girls thought they could marry a soldier
-Use a good sweeping
-We would never have to see the time
-I tied a ribbon around my ankle
-From an old clue

and this one- must be some kind of list of mundane shit i did at the time?
i'm sure glad i kept track of this stuff. umm, sike.

-I made a paste out of sugar
-I lived in chicago
-I drew dinosaurs
-I got a red phone. And then an orange one.
-I once sang a funny song
-I danced
-I ran for the bus
-I crashed my bike
-I fell in the snow
-I sat on the stoop. And the windowsill.
-I did homework
-I called my boyfriend
-I rode the blue line
-I stood in smokey bars
-I kissed boys
-I folded my clothes
-I held hands at the movie theater
-I went record shopping
-I waited at the airport

in a way i am glad i keep track.

Can you show what you know?

It lit a spark. It sparked a flame. It sparkled a little. It sprinkled a sparkle.


those little koala bears that clip their arms together

some things that happened this week / end
new rug, new boots, not celebrating st. patrick's day, japanese jammers, half price margaritas, architectural salvage, etc

I'm noticing more and more that my eye sight is getting worse and my short term memory is reaaaalllly bad.



Impressive party spirit in full effect last night at the Smells Like Spring Spirit Bonfire Kegger aka Party at the Moontower
Friday the Thirteenth
Two Thousand and Nine


Birds of Pray

i envy this bold fingernail color choice.
last night was really fun.
famous jaime sims and alyssa were both in town!

Even Now You Are Returning

daniel higgs solo performances are mesmerizing.
if you already knew this, then you already knew this.
this quote sums it up nicely: "if i was on acid, i would probably think that was God up there playing the banjo".


get your priorities crooked

it is march 2nd
it is very cold tonight
there was a snow "storm"
i've needed snow boots for about 10 years and i've never gotten any.
i love my new apartment
i'm going to have a studio
and a washer and dryer
i can't wait to set it all up and have my friends over.
nyquil rules when you have the flu like me.
grey is my favorite color
i regret selling my turntable and all of my records when i left chicago.
i'm glad my hair is getting long again.
i have had the song from muppet babies stuck in my head all day.