it's a cryin shame

That I don't have more pictures from the past few days.

It's seriously super fucking hot out. I'm going to Chicago in 2 days! Yip!


Who's in charge of this place??

"one day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful"



This morning i was greeted with "Hey Beth. Happy Equinox."

FIrst day of summer calls for a trip to the rez.

Prettyboy Dam Road is one of the best road names

home field advantage

i got my oldschool hat at old school hat night. it was also buddies night. the orioles won but we left after the 9th inning

my dad is extra funny after a couple beers

it is nice to route for your home team when you feel like you are at home.


What I Found Out

Third rooftop in 2 days

Plus shows after shows beers after beers

"I'm me times three"

Other Things

How To Maximize Inspiration:
-Get Lost on your bike
-Take black n white pictures in the sun
-Avoid a festival
-Attend a free art museum


Friday, the Thirteenth

fri the 13th so far
it's still only the morning
it's not quite summer yet
there is a lot to look forward to

there are mosquitos in my room.


after the show it's the after party

not too much to tell you about the vip after party after the lil wayne concert
if you can believe that


slip n slide

i just want to say that it is 1:30 am and it is 86 degrees.
How is that even possible.
Tomorrow's forecast calls for a high of 100.

i got an air conditioner today and put it in my window.

ps frozen grapes are good.


cradle to the grave

giant magnolias by the pool
outdoor kitchen
duckback riding candleholders, also by the pool
snowball stand (I had sky light*)

*"Sky Light" is an indescribable blue snowball flavor. Also sometimes called "Smurf", or "Windowpane"

BBQ Baptizm

First heat wave weekend. A hundo and change. It's hot at night, too and the heat lightning puts on a glorious show.

life below the mason dixon line.


Thanks for carrying my bike.

I got a bike! and I am so happy! I did a little bit of riding around in alleys in charles village yesterday- there is so much more exploring to do.


18 and life

I was rummaging through some old stuff and found this "journal" entry from exactly 10 years ago.
It was torn out of a notebook, i have no idea why i kept it, or why i wrote it in the first place.
I didn't regularly keep a diary. i must have been really bored one day or something.
This is especially evident because it is written in all different colors of magic markers.

I sound like a total dumbass. Apparently when I was 18 years old, I drank a lot of beer, watched really stupid movies, and ate horrible food. So, basically, nothing's changed! Sike. I am a totally different person than when this was scrawled. Wow.

Names have been withdrawn to protect those involved from association with dumbassness.

Friday June 12, 1998

I remember riding bikes and riding around in the van with ___. Maybe we went to Pizza hut. I don't really remember what day that was. Oh yeah, we ate bagels, and went to the movies and saw Can't hardly wait. We got some beer and went to someones house and watched the basketball game but the bulls lost.

We drank alot and tried to ride bikes to the lake but then we turned around before we got there. I crashed into a car and ___ crashed into a fence. I think ___ slept over but maybe we went to his house. Oh yeah, we were so wasted and we came back here and watched spinal tap (barely) and ___ stole some pot from ___ and he tried to roll it in a paper towel. Then I rolled it in a cigarette. ___ poured water on me and I got mad. we were laughing a lot. We ate toast.

On Saturday we woke up and watched tv. Then we rode bikes I think. Oh yeah we went to jinx. ___ didn't like it. I felt bad. I think after that I came home. Oh yeah I did and I put on my bathing suit and went to Gallery 2 to pick up my art. I walked into the loop downtown. It was hot and I went to the beach at navy pier. It was nice and the water was cold. I probably would have stayed longer if I had some sunscreen and someone to talk to. But I liked being by myself, too. I got a Popsicle. I rode the train home and got some shoes at a store. It was nice to have my bike waiting for me. I might have slept for a little bit. ___ came over on his bike. I almost didn't want to go to the party. We rode our bikes to ___ and ___'s house. They weren't home so we went to the wiener's circle. Then we went back and ___ was home. He and ___ talked about music. Then ___ got home. His friend drove to the party.

We bought a 30 pack of High life. The party was boring at first because nobody was there and nobody was drunk. Then these 3 guys got there and they were already drunk and funny. I was probably halfway drunk at that point too. I started dancing but I was literally the only person dancing. So I went to tell some people that they were missing a dance party but nobody cared except the 3 guys so then we were the only 4 people dancing. ___ was a little bit. Then after a while all these people started dancing. It was awesome.

Then things started getting out of hand and I only remember bits of it. All i know is that lots of stuff got thrown out the window, I poured a whole beer on some girl, I broke a wine bottle on the floor, the owner of the house took away my matches, I kissed at least 2 boys ( that i can remember), I put my hand in the jello, the other girl that lived there gave me her number written in lipstick and she took pictures of me, and I might be the singer of the new cap'n jazz band. Then I remember crying and throwing up on the front steps. We took a cab to ___'s. I don't really remember anything after that.

We woke up the next day at around 3pm or something. I had a real bad headache. I put on my shoes and they had puke on them. Gross. We ordered food from papajin. We watched a movie with ___. I think we might have slept some more after that. No, we went to get our bikes from ___'s house. We got some free coffee. We put the bikes in the van. We went to taco bell but the drive through was closed so we went to another one.

We rode our bikes to the fireside bowl. It was early and still light out. We saw hertzsprung gap, wolfie, adhesive, and love as laughter but i didn't pay much attention to any of them I felt sick and I was drinking a lot of water and I needed a tampon and I was watching the basketball game. The bulls won and there was a lot of gunshots and fireworks and people yelling and driving around like maniacs and cops in riot gear. ___ and I left the show early and rode around and so many streets were closed off and there were crazy people everywhere. ___ came over and we watched drop dead fred and I still felt sick and ___ was being weird as usual and I went to sleep.

We woke up at 10 this morning and he rode home. I went to work. A bunch of stuff happened between then and now (1:45 am tuesday) but I don't really want to get into it.

here are a few polaroids from that era (10 years ago) that I found in the same box.
RIP Josh Helson