So I got home from work and Dave had this little pilot doll about the size of a Skipper™ doll and when i asked where it came from he was all "oh, a helicopter crashed in our back yard." Like, NBD. I was like "uh huh, real interesting." like not really paying attention. He was all "go out and look at it", and I was like Ok, some other time- whatEVERR. Cut to 3 days later, I was out on my porch half-looking for this G.I. Joe™ sized army colored helicopter and didn't see shit. When Dave pointed it out to me I was all OH. MY. GOD. HOLYYY CRAP! How I managed to NOT SEE it is ridiculous. It is like 15 times bigger than I thought. It's an actual flying motorized mini chopper, that actually crashed into a tree in my yard. This is the best thing that has happened all week.

Dave "rescued" the driver, thank god.

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