citron et sucre

life handed me lemons.

i made lemon pound cake with lemon glaze.
i gave my nephew a haircut.
betsy called while i was giving my nephew a haircut, i feel like I havent talked to her in forever.
my sister got a big promotion today.
I worked for hours on a bunch of fake ads, probably for nothing.
My grandmother told me she wanted me to sell something for her on ebay, I figured no matter what it is it should be easy to sell because all of her stuff is old and valuable and cool. Turns out, it's cemetery plots. Of all things.
I am going to philadelphia for a couple days.
there's this new site- www.artbreak.com it's like myspace for artists, and I wish more cooler people would join it. People from like Germany and Brazil and Seattle can leave you comments and stuff, and I got a lot of hits on my website from it. So tell all the cool artists you know to join!

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