make a wish

psychadelic leaf

Last night I made a wish when I blew out my birthday candle. I hope that it comes true.

Also last night was Dan Deacon show in Baltimore. dude. Baltimore is fuckin crazy-go-nuts.
No offense to the lovely ladies of b-more, but girls, you have some fashion catching-up to do. These B-more dudes have got some insane style. I mean they really know how to put together an ensemble. Impressive.
It's a shame I was probably one of the oldest people there, mostly college kids is my guess, but holy crap. College kids these days really know how to party. It was INSANE! My only serious regret besides contributing to the mega second hand smoke, is that I FORGOT MY CAMERA! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. BEST PHOTO-OP'S EVER- WASTED!
I even wore a very sparkly shirt, and I brought my little brother, who totally doesn't go to shows in seedy warehouses. And even he had a good time! We were even drinking 40's of Natty Boh, and yet, NO CAMERA.
There was crowd surfing, people hanging from the rafters, it was just like Eddie Vedder in the evenflow video, only funny instead of serious. I have no way to share this with you, and for that I am truly sorry.
between bands the dj played every song that dj's in LA think they are too cool to play, and get mad when you request them, all in one ginormous song. I dare say Baltimore is more fun than many of my debaucherous nights in NYC and LA. Because no one is pretentious. Ok, well they are, but in a different way. It's like they are entitled to it a little bit, because they actually are cool- instead of just trying to be.

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