...to the city where it all began

Saturday night fever in Brooklyn. Rudy Mance and I bar-hopped which on this particular evening meant going back and forth between the same 2 bars- Enid's and Daddy's.
Rudy is often mistaken for a celebrity. And this porcelain skinned beauty is simply known as Vern.
I was also fortunate enough to spend part of the evening with Joshua Zucker- who I have known since I was 13!
These here delectible bevs are called Hendersons I mean Harrisons. In a dark bar it's difficult to tell just how pink they are- until you see a picture...
I ran into at least 4 other people I know that night in Brooklyn, which was a splendid treat.
SPEAKING of splendid treats... Pastis! J'Adore!


Franc said...


I love Pastis! Did you ever go to Dusty's in LA?

Natalie Conn said...

I love Josh!