Shoe Night In Balti More

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Susie lost her shoe when she and I got swept away in a wave of wasted ragers. I was looking for it (with the handy flashlight on my google phone™) and some guy was like "may i ask what you are looking for?" I told him my friend's shoe, and he handed me a shoe he found on the ground. It was totally not hers. Someone else had lost their shoe, too. Tommy found Susie's later in a trash can. Then someone got on the mic and made an announcement about some guy losing their shoe. Also, Thank You played at one point with a shoe on top of the mic stand. And in reviewing my pictures I came across one of a dude holding up a flip flop.

That pretty much sums up the night. Aptly named, wham city.


S K said...

Oh sheesh Beth! You guys should have worn tie shoes. Or just painted on a pair of tevas.

jenelle Campbell said...

This reminds me of the best days of high school and saddens me because now i think everything is too loud :(