Babysitters Club Sandwiches

So I haven't had a drop of alcohol since new years eve (whence I only had 3 sips of champagne). It's kinda dumb, because it's not a permanent thing, more like a challenge, and yes I plan on hittin the bottle again come February 1st.
Dan and I were already planning on what we were going to drink during the superbowl (he's on the wagon too), beer is the natural choice, but since I don't care about either of the teams (but am routing for the eagles anyway) I want to make it a little more interesting. Let's face it- Baltimore winter is kinda boring.

Mainly, I just think this polling thing is cool and I'm copying off of Betsy.

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S K said...

Full disclosure I voted before I knew what Veuve Cliquot was. But I think you should have it!