nine to ten years ago

I love to make lists of nothing and apparently I always have.

from February 2000

-I faked a paper cut
-I stole 3 but I bought one
-Nobody knew what I was talking about a lot of times
-So we're even
-The auditorium is always red
-How do you become shy?
-Counting pennies by sevens
-Everything at all
-I wouldn't miss the day
-Cherry vanilla was on my lips
-The girls thought they could marry a soldier
-Use a good sweeping
-We would never have to see the time
-I tied a ribbon around my ankle
-From an old clue

and this one- must be some kind of list of mundane shit i did at the time?
i'm sure glad i kept track of this stuff. umm, sike.

-I made a paste out of sugar
-I lived in chicago
-I drew dinosaurs
-I got a red phone. And then an orange one.
-I once sang a funny song
-I danced
-I ran for the bus
-I crashed my bike
-I fell in the snow
-I sat on the stoop. And the windowsill.
-I did homework
-I called my boyfriend
-I rode the blue line
-I stood in smokey bars
-I kissed boys
-I folded my clothes
-I held hands at the movie theater
-I went record shopping
-I waited at the airport

in a way i am glad i keep track.

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bethany toews said...

I'm glad you keep track.