southern sojourn

last thursday i road tripped it down to myrtle beach. i left super early in the morning and it was raining and cold. 9 hours later i was floating in the ocean. the water down there is really warm.
my brother came up from charleston and we hung out at daniel's show. at midnight it was his birthday (my brother's). my cousin works at the venue where they were playing, and she happened to be working that night. it was like a mini family reunion.
after a bunch of margaritas, dan and i and the rest of the band of horses people went swimming in the ocean at about 1 am.
next day we went to wilmington, nc and then richmond, va then back home.

for some reason i don't like to capitalize while i am writing, but then afterwards i always feel like i should go back and properly punctuate but i am not going to do it

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