Viticus awareness

Some people are just really good at singing.
Born naturals.
A little viticus never hurt anyone. Uh oh- he's got that crazy look in his eye- don't give him a microphone!
You are probably wondering to yourself, What is viticus? If you have never been to Nevin's bar and you are not up to date on the underground moonshine circuit, then chances are you've never heard of it. If you do in fact know anything about Viticus, please fill me in- all I know is that it is home-brewed moonshine, it's DELICIOUS, and it's either Polish, Lebanese, or Greek. But it might be Hungarian or Czech. Either way, it smells like Christmas and tastes like a cross between spiced carrot cake and a gingerbread man. And it kinda gives you the feeling of being on cough syrup.
note: Not sure why I made these pictures square.

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Betsy said...

cute hat, hooker