"You know that it's true that it's gonna come true"

January 1, 2008 was the best day of the year so far.
After the after-after party, we slept until about 12:30pm and then some people came over for breakfast. It was extremely cold, and we didn't leave the house at all the whole day. We watched a movie, ate a lot of food, then went to Sarah's (she lives upstairs, still didn't have to leave the house) for more movie-viewing and bloody mary party.
Then back downstairs, played scrabble while watching Dazed and Confused- but to mix it up a bit, we decided to watch it in black and white with French subtitles. Amazing.
By now it was already night time again, and there was an attempt at shooting off left-over fireworks in front of the house, but as soon as I opened the door and felt how cold it was, I turned around and went right back inside.
It was about this time that I was introduced to the band Gas Station Dogs and their hit song "Rock n Roll Dreams'll come Through". We definately listened to it about 10 times.
It was also about this time that Bobby returned from the store with nearly everything on the list that we sent him out with. He said he was at the grocery store just looking at the list and laughing. He also conveniently transcribed the list on facebook, so here it is...

1. Blueberry Pie***
2. Name Brand Tots
3. Vanilla Bean ice cream**
(must have bean)
4. Thai Food*
5. 30 Pack Old Style Lite Ice
6. Party Stix
7. Green Tea*
8. Lemons
9. Gepetto's Check Mix* (snackins)
10. Weed

***If they do not have this, get key lime pie.
**If they do not have this, then get peppermint ice cream.
* Do not get

Haha ha

The next day I got to hang out with Mr. Rudy Mance. We cruised around Goldcoast looking for our future residences.
Then off to the Rainbo of course, because I have never had a trip to Chicago without a trip to the rainbo. Some traditions never die. But this was the first time there with out walking into a cloud of smoke.

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