charm city is called charm city for a reason.

another st patricks day! no celebrations for me this year, but there are certainly a lot of irish folk in this town.
in other news, i moved- i live in charles village now, in baltimore. i like it, i think, i have been in my new apartment exactly 2 days. i think in spring my street will be extra pretty, there are lot's of trees. i can walk to the art museum too.
most apartments in baltimore are in old row houses or old buildings in general- everything here is old. it is sometimes inconvenient (think drafty windows, no laundry) but just the kind of charm i look for in an apartment (fireplaces, hardwood floors, high ceilings). it's a trade off. unless you want to pay the big bucks and get the best of both worlds. baltimore is surprisingly expensive these days, everyone's been telling me this has recently been happening all over the city, over the past couple years. guess they figured out lots of people seek that old world charm.

here's a random picture from the maryland historical society website. there are so many good ones, it's inspirational.

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