who are barnum & bailey?

Today I realized that I haven't celebrated Easter in ten years. I haven't been home for it. Home, meaning Baltimore.
I went to the circus with my mom, sister and nephew. Greatest show on earth is a stretch, but it's always pretty sweet to see some tigers. You really don't get the chance that often. Contortionists freak me out. I could do with out them. Clowns, too. I was never scared of them like most kids seem to be, I was just like "whatever". Black horses on the other hand, they are beautiful. OH. AND. 3 zebras escaped!

"BALTIMORE (AP) - Three zebras from Ringling Bros. and Barnum &
Bailey Circus briefly escaped from their downtown venue on Thursday
but were quickly corralled by their trainer and two handlers.
The zebras - Mali, Giza and Lima - spotted an open door at the
1st Mariner Arena and dashed into traffic on Hopkins Place, but
were rounded up half a block away.
Carrie Coleman, a veterinary technician for the circus, told The
(Baltimore) Sun it was a frightening incident because the animals
were in traffic lanes before returning to the sidewalk.
"They may have thought they were headed home," she said,
adding that the zebras were not hurt."

Those zebras want out, son.

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Natalie Conn said...

awesome photos, yo!